Webinar: Key Considerations for Improving Employee Engagement  

Date: Tuesday February 12th, 2019
1pm EST

Duration: 45 mins

Chris Gera and Greg Gibbs of the Service Council, and Katelyn Burrill of ClickSoftware

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Improving employee engagement is a top priority of progressive Senior Executives. Low employee engagement costs US business and industry over $500B per year. But when employees are engaged, tenure, productivity, profitability and stock value all go up. Involving and encouraging staff to contribute to the success of their colleagues, teams and ultimately, the business—leads to higher engagement, and in the service industry, an enhanced customer experience.

Join Greg Gibbs and Chris Gera of the Service Council and Katelyn Burrill of ClickSoftware as they discuss employee engagement programs and the impact on service operations. Topics include:

1. Key success factors for successful employee engagement initiatives
2. Case studies highlighting how others have done it
3. Ways that technology can positively influence employee engagement strategies
4. Tips for implementing employee engagement programs

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