Using Mobile Technology to Drive Business Visibility and Real Time Decision Making

Date: November 13, 2012
Time: 8:00 am PST/11:00 am EST/4:00 pm GMT
Speakers: Kevin Benedict, Mobility Analyst at Netcentric Strategies and Stewart Hill, Director of Product Marketing at ClickSoftware

In today’s fast paced business environment, the information that companies have available to make decisions is critical in staying ahead of the competition. Today’s mobile solutions are key in collecting and disseminating data around the enterprise. With more knowledge than ever before at their fingertips, employees at every level are now able to leverage this data to make informed business decisions leading to reduced downtime and an overall better customer experience- regardless of where these employees are located.

In this webinar Mobility Analyst Kevin Benedict discusses his new Mid-Year Enterprise Mobility Survey 2012 report, and how companies are using mobility to drive business visibility, which leads to a faster operational tempo, better real-time and data-driven decision making, reduced expenses and better customer service. Learn how:

  • Mobile technology can increase your operational tempo
  • Mobile technology can provide competitive advantages through real-time visibility
  • Mobile business models can change based upon the capabilities mobile technologies enable

Accompanying Kevin will be Stewart Hill, ClickSoftware’s Director of Product Marketing. Stewart will outline how the latest trends that Kevin presents are now embedded in the current enterprise mobile solutions.